Immission Forecasts (TA Luft)

Appendix 3 of the Technical Instructions for Air Pollution Control (TA Luft) regulates the calculation methods for immission forecasts of gases and dust in authorization procedures. Even for facilities that are not subject to approval the directions of TA Luft often serve as a guideline. Odour immissions are usually assessed according to guideline GIRL. In terms of calculation methods GIRL basically follows TA Luft.

The standard calculation method suggested by TA Luft can be applied to locations in flat or slightly uneven terrain. The influence of adjacent buildings can also be taken into account. AUSTAL2000 is a freeware implementation of these standards.

We specialize in immission prognoses for cases in which the limitations of TA Luft are breached - i.e. in steep terrain, for instance. In addition to AUSTAL2000 and LASAT we make use of prognostic wind field models as METRAS PC or MISKAM and wind tunnel experiments.

We can execute all the calculations and immission prognoses required by TA Luft for you. The procedures we have developed for cases that go beyond the limitations above are robust. They have been published and become broadly accepted:

  • Calculations of chimney heights
  • Analyses of the topography
  • Standard immission prognoses according to TA Luft
  • Calculations of wind field libraries with prognostic models
  • Simulations of local wind systems
  • Immission prognoses with AUSTAL2000 or LASAT compliant with TA Luft
  • Wind tunnel experiments