Wind Statistics

Wind is a quantity which is locally extremely variable. On a regional scale it is mainly the relief that is causing this variability. Dependable wind measurements are only available for very few single spots. On the other hand the knowledge of the average wind conditions and their future development is of economical interest to many business fields (energy, traffic, water, insurance,...).

For many areas of Germany we already possess synthetic wind and dispersion statistics on a 500m grid. Normally we can supply you with the data for single location within a few weekdays.

Do you have specific requirements on wind statistics, e.g.:

  • regions that have not yet been calculated?
  • higher spacial resolution?
  • a different classification of wind direction and/or speed?
  • a different reference period?
  • ...?

Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to consider with you which data suit your purposes and how we can compile them for you in a quick and cost-efficient way.