SynAKS and SynRepAKTerm

You know the problem: For an immission forecast (e.g. with AUSTAL2000) you need a dispersion class statistic (DCS or AKS) or time series (AKTerm) - quickly! The procurement of representative data means a lot of trouble and most importantly costs you the one thing you do not have: time.

Thanks to our data service your problem is in good hands with us. Based on the results of our prognostic model calculations which are already available for vast areas of Germany we compile for you representative synthetic AKS and AKTerm . And you bet we are faster and cheaper than anything you know! Just order when you need the data and we usually deliver within three weekdays.

Please note that the AKTerm time series are compiled for a synthetically representative year based on a measurement period of ten years. The representative year does not correspond to a single real year. It exhibits the same statistical means as the ten year period while at the same time it displays the characteristic variability of a single year. There is a detailed up to date documentation of calculation methods and quality control available for both SynAKS and SynRepAKTerm in German.

Synthetic stability class frequency distirbutions for Germany: A map of the areas available
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To view a larger image of the available areas please click the small figure on the right. We have compiled a pdf file with a map and an order form which you can download here for both SynAKS and SynRepAKTerm (German only).

Our data service AKS/AKTerm includes:

  • Synthetic dispersion class statistics
  • Synthetically representative dispersion class time series
  • Delivery within three weekdays
  • Representative for asset location
  • A table of anemometer heights for different roughness
  • AUSTAL2000 format

Please do not hesitate to contact us at vertrieb(at) for any further questions or to submit your request, especially if you have trouble with the German order form.

In addition to your contact data please let us know the Gauß-Krüger coordinates of the requested location and the scope of services you desire.