AUSTAL2000 Wind Field Libraries

Computation standards according to TA Luft
The model AUSTAL2000 is an implementation of the regulations in appendix 3 of TA Luft. It is applicable for immission forecasts in flat or slightly uneven terrain and takes into account the influence of buildings on the dispersion.
TA Luft restricts the application of the diagnostic wind field model in AUSTAL2000 to slopes of less than 1:5. Neither can it be used if local wind systems are predominant in the model area.

Computations beyond the limitations of TA Luft
These limitations do not hold for the prognostic wind field model METRAS PC which we use frequently. This model permits the calculation of wind conditions in steep terrain and implements the effect of local thermal wind systems in a physically appropriate manner. From the prognostic wind fields we compile a prognostic wind field library for all possible atmospheric layerings and wind conditions. This library enables us to forecast immissions with AUSTAL2000 even in steep terrain.

In some special cases we use LASAT to model the dispersion, for instance, when we want to include the daily wind systems calculated with METRAS PC.

Scope of Service
We offer our services to users and public authorities as well as consultants who usually execute dispersion calculations themselves:

  • Compilation of prognostic wind field libraries for your own dispersion calculations with AUSTAL2000
  • Dispersion calculations with AUSTAL2000 or LASAT (with or without prognostic wind field lirbaries)
  • Immission forecasts according to TA Luft as a complete package