Ventilation and Cold Air

The air quality in housing areas is considerably influenced by fresh air supply from the environment. Hillside houses or such located in valleys or basins often benefit from local circulation systems which occur in nearly windless nights. Close to the ground the wind brings cool, fresh air with it and carries away the used air.

On the other hand cold air drainage flows can also lead to especially high odour and pollutant concentrations. There is hardly any turbulent mixing. Emissions set free within the cold air flow can be transported over long distances almost without being diluted. That is why cold air drainage flows must be taken into account in urban and regional planning.

Cold air flows calculated with METRAS PC

An extensive analysis of cold air drainage flows through model simulations is far more feasable and cheaper than measurements. Our cold air model METKAT and the prognostic model METRAS PC allow us to not only examine the present state but also determine the consequences of future actions and compare several alternatives.

We choose a suitable model depending on the complexity of your problem. Benefit from our longtime experience in the development and application of atmospheric simulation models!