The clouding of apartments, properties, farmland or solar plants becomes more and more important. The is partly due to

  • Increasing density of urban cultivation
  • Tall single buildings (shopping malls, skyscrapers, ...)
  • Power plant buildings
  • Fumes from a cooling towers
  • Wind power plants

With our solar irradiance model METSUN we can not only calculate the hours of clouding but also changes in the solar irradiance and its diffuse and direct components.

Example 1:  Solar irradiance on a house front

By closing a gap between buildings the solar irradiance on a house front is reduced by up to 20%.

Example 2: Clouding by fume from a cooling tower

The visibility of fume from a cooling tower, its ascent and dispersion and the clouding of the ground is simulated over the course of a year.

In the picture you see the additional clouding time in a housing area caused by an adjacent cooling tower.